• “What’s Up Top”
    QST June 1960, pp. 38-40
    Crud and rust can be a real detriment to the performance of your antenna. Here are some procedures to make it look (and work) like new again.

  • Wire Antennas for the Beginner
    QST June 1983, pp. 33-38
    Every ham knows how to make and install wire antennas. But if you've never done it, you probably have a few questions. Here are some answers.

  • Ground-plane Antennas for 144, 222, 449 MHz
    ARRL Antenna Book, 18th Edition, pp. 18-16 to 18.17
    (If you can't find aluminum rod or wire or welding rods, try metal coat hangers - they work too.)

  • Feeding Your Station
    QST December 1983, pp. 20-23
    Fat coaxial line, skinny cable, open-wire feeders or 300-ohm ribbon line - the correct choice can save the beginner a few dollars while helping to ensure maximum performance.
    Feedback: QST April 1984, p. 51. There is an error in Table 1. The capacitance of RG-11A/U is 20.5 pF/ft, not 0.5 pF/ft as shown.
    Feedback: The first formula in note 1 should read m = ft x 0.3048

  • A 15-Meter Beam "On A Budget"
    QST February 1971, pp. 41-43
    Even the simplest beam can be expensive due to the cost of aluminum tubing. Here's a solution.

  • Welcome to Rentsville, DX
    QST October 1998, pp. 66-67
    Living in a high-rise apartment can be an advantage rather than a hindrance. Here are a few things to have in mind even before you start.

  • Why an Antenna Radiates
    QST November 1992, pp. 59-63
    You don't have to know how an antenna works to use one, but getting a handle on this subject can deepen your understanding of radio. Here's a searching look at the mysterious process by which our antennas hurl energy from Here to There.

  • An Analysis of the Balun
    QST April 1980, pp. 19-21
    What does a balun do for you? What happens if you don't use one? Does a balun really make a difference?

  • Why Do Baluns Burn Up?” by Zack Lau W1VT.  January 2004 QEX, pages 55-58.  Balun technology typically falls short of operator expectations.

  • Coaxial Cable -- The Neglected Link
    QST April 1981, pp. 28-31
    Is a better grade of coaxial cable worth the price difference? This analysis of the importance of shielding in coax lines explains why the answer is "Yes!

  • EZNEC Antenna Software by W7EL Roy Lewallen's business is known by his call sign.
    EZNEC 5.0 and EZNEC pro 5.0 are full-featured 32-bit Windows applications

  • G4FGQ's Software  This memorial site archives the software written by Reg Edward's G4FGQ.
    New, original, high-quality, radio engineering/modeling programs. Not freeware -- just free gifts -- please help yourself -- no catch. 

  • KB0YKI's Radio Zone
    On-line antenna designers, rooftop tower plans, gamma matches, and more by Aaron Schmitz KB0YKI.